67 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes Reference Sheet


Struggling to write high-converting copy?

It’s harder than it seems, isn’t it?

It’s a tricky balance.

On one hand, you have to make sure you inject all this stuff, like persuasion, emotional pulls, hooks, and value-packed benefits…

But on the other hand, you have to be human.

Unless you have some guidance, you’re stuck researching different things to try…

Playing guessing games all the way.

Well, until now.

With my handy framework, you can identify common copywriting mistakes that hurt your conversions!

🤠Here’s a peek:

▸ Discover how to spot and address mistakes as you write.

▸ Learn how to avoid mistakes in the future.

▸ Determine the causes for your mistakes in the first place, so you can resolve any deeper, underlying problems.

▸ Understand why these are issues in the first place and how they affect your target audience.

Ready to avoid glaring copywriting mistakes?

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67 Most Common Copywriting Mistakes Reference Sheet

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