Positioning And Decommoditization Framework


Struggling to position your offer?

🤑Not sure how to boost your conversions again?

Well, there’s a simple solution to all your problems…

And no, it doesn’t involve trial and error…


Or pawning off the issue to someone else.

No, really—you can convert higher and position your offer perfectly every time…

You just need my framework.

🤠Here’s a peek:

â–¸ Uncover the secrets behind proper strategic positioning and present your offer in the best light.

â–¸ Find out how to position your offer in the best light and convert.

â–¸ Know the difference between good positioning and positioning that falls flat.

â–¸ Avoid having to change up your language to better fit a new positioning every few months.

If this sounds helpful to you…

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Positioning And Decommoditization Framework

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