Top 14 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Copywriter


Oh, yeah, it’s a fun time, isn’t it?

On one hand, you know you need some really good, snazzy copy…

But on the other hand, the thought of actually looking for a copywriter worth the price?

🫠 Oof.

So here’s some good news:

With my handy framework, you’ll be able to point out the right copywriter for the job every single time. 

We’re talking about never playing guessing games anymore…

Or wasting valuable time, energy, or money.

🤠 Here’s a quick peek:

▸ Find out what questions to ask in your search.

▸ Learn how to avoid copywriters that might seem good but are a poor fit in the long run.

▸ Determine the skills and experience copywriters absolutely need to do a good job with your messaging.

▸ Identify the best places to search for talented copywriters.

So if you’re ready to simplify the copywriter hiring process…

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Top 14 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Copywriter

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